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Bristol Mediation is a local, charitable organisation with over 25 years’ experience of providing an independent and confidential neighbour and community conflict resolution and mediation service.

Our expertise is in helping individuals and communities to resolve their differences, we offer these services to people living in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Please see Our Services for an explanation of what we do.

Mediation Foundation Training Programme: see our training page


Restorative Justice Volunteer Opportunity in S. Glos and BANES free training: see our training page

Our Vision

To ensure that everyone in Bristol and the surrounding area has easy and equal access to relevant and usable community conflict resolution services.


Download our leaflet about our service Bristol Mediation

Download our leaflet about conflict coaching Conflict Coaching


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Download our Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019

Bristol Mediation Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019


Donations are Gratefully Received!

Whilst we receive approx 60% of our income from the service contracts we have with various agencies, we still need to raise 40% of our budget ourselves. All donations are gratefully received. These come from individuals, clients, charitable trusts etc all of which go towards us continuing to provide this vital service to help people in conflict.

If you wish to make a donation, simply click the “Donate” button on the right of this page.

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“It’s good to know someone else can advise you, as being alone you need to be fair in your judgement. Mediation helps towards this aim although in my case the complainant would not cooperate in a good solution. Thank you for your time and involvement”. Local Authority Tenant

“My neighbour did not respond to any letters from Bristol Mediation. He refused to even listen to me at any time about the noise. Your team suggested to me, as a last resort to drop in a polite note. My note read ‘that all I wanted from my neighbours was an amiable and peaceful relationship’. For the last two nights, there was no noise from his bedroom………..Thank you so very much for your help. It is appreciated!” Home Owner

“Your service brings a dimension that we as landlords value and appreciate, whereas we are confined to issues around conditions of tenancy which is altogether more formal and not always focusing on resolution” Senior Housing Office, Bristol City Council

“Mediation can help you feel more confident and secure in your home and community. Bristol Mediation works with neighbours and communities across Bristol and the surrounding area”

“All in all I was very pleased with the involvement and outcome from mediation. Everything you have done made it possible for my family to get on with the neighbours. We’re like old friends with each other and it’s all thanks to you and your team of experts. There’s no advice I can give for mediation to improve because the service I received was outstanding. Excellent!!” Tenant (Local Authority)

“Mediation has helped in a big way. Now we are friends with our neighbours. Thanks again.” Tenant (Local Authority)

“Although there was no meeting between myself and the mediator, I had very good feelings through the telephone conversations. The Mediator was very helpful to me and reassuring and understanding”. Home Owner

“Although my neighbour still chooses not to have any direct contact with me, he has done what I requested (for the main part) and did allow the mediators to inform me that he had taken steps to resolve the impasse, so I am grateful for your intervention” Home Owner

“Mediation can help break a cycle of accusation and hostility between you and your neighbour. Mediation can sort things out for the better”

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