Young Peoples Homeless Mediation Service

Young Peoples Homeless Mediation Service

As issues around youth homelessness increases, mediation is an important tool to help young people resolve conflict with their families, forge stronger relationships and prevent homelessness.

We offer a free, independent and confidential service available to young people, primarily aged 16/17, and their families to enable them to talk to honestly to each other, to rebuild positive relationships, leading to the young person either returning home or remaining at home which is often the safest place for young people to be.

If you're having problems with your relationship with your parents, other relatives or carers, our support might help.  The services we provide help you to talk honestly with each other to help you sort things out. We won't make judgments about who is in the right or tell people what to do and often we can help you access additional support through other agencies.

Sometimes, problems can be serious enough for young people to leave home or be kicked out. If this is the case, we can help to sort things out so that the young person can continue to live at home or go back home.  This service is primary with 16/17 year olds at risk of homelessness.

For further information please text us on 07534 188396, telephone us on 0117 9415379 or email 

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